Get more out of your video investment with our video marketing services.  From goal-setting to content development to measuring ROI, we offer on-going guidance every step of the way.  As you can see below, there are six key steps to a winning video marketing strategy.

Set Goals

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Create a Plan

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Develop Content

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Deliver Video

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Measure Results

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Update Goals

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Set Goals

Our collaboration starts with conversations about your company’s marketing goals and desired outcomes.

We know you want to keep up with the competition, but making video just so you can say you have video isn’t the answer.


We’ll start off by helping you identify your video goals.  (Hint: video goals support marketing goals.)   Do you want to create video as part of an email campaign to improve open rates?  Do you want to use video to educate your customers?  To generate leads?  There are lots of valid video goals, but you need to decide what goal(s) you want your video campaigns to meet – goals that will fit your business needs.  Will this video support marketing?  Customer Service?  Sales?


While we’re having these conversations together, we’ll also want to know what makes video a “win” for your company.  Just as there are lots of valid goals, there are lots of valid metrics including reducing tech support calls, introducing your brand, driving conversions and so on.


If you’d like to learn more about creating a video marketing strategy, please read our article here.

Create a Plan

We’ll create a plan to produce video throughout the year and determine how to best deliver it to your viewers.

Once we understand your company’s goals, we work together and build a plan that produces the right number of videos delivered at the right times.


The plan includes not just the kind of video you should have made, but also

•  The number of videos per month

•  A video production schedule

•  When they’ll be delivered

•  Where they’re going to be delivered (read:  seen by your audience)

•  How often we’ll review their performance together


Like your business, this plan is one-of-a-kind.  We’ll custom tailor it to suit your needs and accomplish your goals.  We’ll make recommendations based on experience and best practices, and how to take advantage of the latest technological trend.


This plan allows us to learn together and to build the foundation for a long-term partnership.

Develop Content

Whether animation or live production, our pro team will craft your HD videos.

With expertise in live production and animated explainer videos, we’re ready to begin executing the plan.


We’ll combine goal discovery and your production plan and for your scripted content, the introduction of our script writing services.  This is where ideas and plans come together.  Your scripted content will be approved by you before we begin shooting, so there won’t be any surprises.


We’ll use our expertise in video production to help your potential customers see your best, authentic self.  If we’re creating happy customer testimonials, then the same honesty and authenticity applies to work we do directly with your customers.


If your plan involves animated videos, then you’ll be involved at each creative milestone and your feedback will be integral to our collaborative processes.  We do this so that you can see the content evolve, and so you know you can count on us to hit deadlines.


While we do arrive with a plan, sometimes creativity demands that we stray from it.  We’ll usually shoot more footage than we need and we have a nearly unlimited supply of creativity on hand to help.

Deliver Video

We’ll add video to your website, emails and social media posts for playback on any device.

Video delivery is essential to your video marketing efforts.  It enables playback on your website, email campaigns, and social media.   It also collects data behind the scenes in real-time.  (By the way, we thought you might want to read about how a customer like you uses video data to make decisions.)


Delivering video isn’t just handing off HTML code, it’s also more guidance on issues like:

•  Do I need captions for my video?

•  Should they be on or off?

•  Do most of my users watch my videos with the sound on or off?

•  What happens when the video ends?


Playing video back and collecting data is nice, but we think helping move your clients through your sales funnel is an important aspect of getting a great return on your video investment.  By crafting email collectors and call-to-action links, you can drive the customer’s viewing experience on a path to meeting your sales goals.


We give our clients access to their own account (managed by us) with a best-in-class video delivery service.  Best of all, this platform also integrates with other marketing software from companies like HubSpot, Marketo, MailChimp and more.


With your videos delivered on this platform, we’ll work with you on understanding the data and making even more effective video.

Measure Results

Valuable insights from real-time analytics help us see how your audience is responding to your videos.

Just as you know that making a single video is not a strategic use of video throughout your company, you can be certain that measuring results may need to factor data from more than once source.


The good news is that a major source of that data is collected for you in your video delivery platform.  To gain additional insights, we’d ask you to give us information regarding your non-video email campaigns, your web site stats and customer conversion data.  Don’t worry, we don’t need access to your accounts, but we do want to paint a complete picture.


Based on the goals we’ve already established, we’ll take our collective data and quickly identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.

Update Goals

After looking at results, it’s time to update your video marketing plan and start the cycle again.

So, you’ve measured your results and seen some success.  How do you repeat that success on your next video?  What do you do with under-performing videos?  What can you do better, more efficiently?  Can you improve upon your initial success?


During our on-going guidance, we’ll know which videos have proven ROI and which videos need to be improved.  We’ll also know, by having examined the data together, how to continue refining the video making process and meeting your marketing goals.


After creating several videos together, we’ll tweak your plan and that’ll start the entire cycle over again.  We’re your online video agency partner every step of the way.


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There are so many great reasons to work with a video agency


You’ll build a long-term relationship with producers committed to your company’s video efforts.

You’ll be working with people who understand your brand.  This saves time and leads to better content!

With a single agency handling your video projects, you’ll have an easier time integrating their efforts into your overall marketing strategy.

You’ll have priority access to an agency you trust, and don’t need to worry about whether they’ve already booked another project when you need them.

Booking projects in advance saves money – especially compared to budgeting and scheduling projects one at a time.

Developing a longer-term relationship gives you time to evaluate your ROI, optimize your content and make your video even more effective.