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Video Hosting for Video Content Producers

Benefits of a video hosting account
  • Secure, user-based projects
  • Easily put your portfolio on your website and collect analytics
  • Account branded with your logo
  • Easy player customization - custom colors & thumbnails!
  • Easy & mobile friendly playlist creation for infinitely editable portfolios

Putting your portfolio on your website is easy.  With custom thumbnails and player customization features, it’ll always look just right.


Do you send review files to your client?  You can use your account to speed up the review & feedback process by using projects in your account as a secure way to post the edit and collect feedback without having to use a separate service.  Time-based feedback makes revisions precise and clear.

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Video Hosting for Businesses Like Yours

Benefits of a video hosting account
  • Complete control of how your audience watches your video
  • Share buttons right in the control linking back to your website
  • See who's been watching your video and how much of it they've watched with detailed viewer analytics
  • Integrated email collectors
  • Customizable calls to action at the end of your video - not competitors or cats!

With a video hosting account, your business can customize your video player controls to match your branding.  You can drive customer conversions with annotations and calls to action.


Collect leads with email collectors and integrate video campaigns in your favorite email marketing software.  We can also integrate your viewer analytics with your favorite marketing automation software like HubSpot, SalesForce and Marketo.

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Video Hosting Enhances Your Marketing Agency Services

Benefits of a video hosting account
  • Easily put video on your or your client's website, email and social media
  • See who's behind your video views with detailed viewer analytics
  • Collect leads with email collectors
  • Drive customer action with CTAs at the end of your video
  • Integrate video stats with marketing automation platforms

You and your clients can enjoy the marketing-rich features built into your video hosting platform – from CTAs, annotations and email collectors to player customization and precise video thumbnails.


Videos can be put into your website (with an added SEO benefit), your email campaigns and on social media – and you’ll collect stats in real-time in a single account!   With your strategy and our expertise, we’ll make the most of your video content.

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We’ll help you use video better


Video SEO

Your embed codes are designed to automatically optimize the videos on your site for search engines. Your embedded videos use JSON-LD to ensure your videos rank for pages on your website, not YouTube or Vimeo.

Playback on All Devices

When you upload a video, we automatically encode and deliver Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions. This means crystal clear video anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Audience Insights + Viewer Stats

Every view generates a heatmap, which shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and rewatched. Trend Graphs let you track how your entire video library performs over time.

Secure, Simple, Account Management

Take complete control by restricting who can access your videos / projects / account.  Control where videos can be played and how they look on search and social

Custom Thumbnails + Colors

Customize the color, controls and thumbnail of your video player! Select the functionality that you need, and make sure your video fits in with the design of your website.

Lead Generation

Tie your account to your favorite email tools to capture leads in your videos and send them to your lists.


We’re an online video marketing agency


You’ll build a long-term relationship with producers committed to your company’s video efforts.

You’ll be working with people who understand your brand.  This saves time and leads to better content!

With a single agency handling your video projects, you’ll have an easier time integrating their efforts into your overall marketing strategy.

You’ll have priority access to an agency you trust, and don’t need to worry about whether they’ve already booked another project when you need them.

Booking projects in advance saves money – especially compared to budgeting and scheduling projects one at a time.

Developing a longer-term relationship gives you time to evaluate your ROI, optimize your content and make your video even more effective.